Types Of Bee Pollen Supplement

Bee pollen supplement because of the vast nutrition that it supplies is a natural source for essential vitamins and minerals.

It contains enzymes, co-enzymes, protein, and amino acids which are very concentrated meaning that even small amounts may provide effective and valuable levels of nutritional value.

Bee pollen is a food source that is probably not exceeded by any other food, and is an excellent food supplement which can enhance the health and well-being of individuals.

In fact, bee pollen supplement is so rich in nutrients that it has been found to be a great dietary supplement that has been shown to lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, increase energy, and in some cases fight allergies.

These are just some of the benefits of this highly nutritious food. It’s important to mention that the Food & Drug Administration and all the experts consider bee pollen actually a food and not a vitamin supplement.

Bee Pollen Supplement Granules

This is the most natural form of bee pollen when collected by the beekeeper. Bee pollen granules are hard pellets covered with its own shell thus offer the customer the highest possible quality of nutrients.

Many people believe this is the best way to consume bee pollen supplements in the raw granules form. Some consumers eat the granules after soaking them in water to break open the shells.

Some believe the soaking process is actually beneficial because it opens the shell and allows the body to absorb more of the nutrients. Others are not in agreement of pre-soaking bee pollen granules.

With that being said, the granules can be Sprinkled on salads or cereal, stirred in fruit juice, mixed with apple sauce, peanut butter or yogurt. When combined with dried fruit, nuts, raisins and dates it’s a great way to turbo-charge your snacks. Another way to consume the high energy nutrient is by making home made Protein Drinks and milk shakes in your blender.

Bee Pollen Capsule

Bee pollen capsules are a convenient alternative to raw bee pollen granules. While some consider this form of taking bee pollen less nutritious, because of the process, taking bee pollen in the form of capsules makes this amazing supplement more convenient.

Bee Pollen Capsules Made Two Ways:

Some companies heat dry the bee pollen after it has been harvested, which is believed to destroy the nutrients making it an inferior product.

Others freeze dry the pollen immediately after it has been harvested, ensuring that the supplement is not oxidized and all of the healthy nutrients are preserved.

Although not considered as nutritious as bee pollen granules, capsules are more convenient for today’s busy lifestyle. Reasons being, they do not have to be soaked, are easy to store, easier to travel with and consume, and you can still sprinkle the supplement right into your food or beverage by opening a capsule.

Bee Pollen Liquid

Liquid bee pollen is extremely effective and very natural. The liquid begins working immediately because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This form is made by extracting the bee pollen into a liquid medium.

There is a draw back to using this form because some companies extract their bee pollen in alcohol. This could pose a problem for certain people with alcohol sensitivity, but there are companies who use a non-alcohol alternative during the process.

Bee Pollen Pills

By far the most highly processed form of bee pollen supplement. With pills other natural ingredients and fillers have to be added in order to successfully achieve the desired outcome. Some of these fillers give the pills their shape, color, hardness, and flavor. These extra fillers are not needed in order to reap the benefits of the bee pollen itself.

Bee Pollen Dosage

Bee pollen is considered a food and not a herb or vitamin supplement therefore has no regulatory status. There are no guidelines for effective daily dosages, but many people take upwards of 1000mg per day. The best advice is to read the manufactures recommendations.

Bee Pollen Supplement Weight Loss Control

The body will process nutrients and deal with them according to the type and quantity consumed. Rates for consumption of calorie-bearing nutrients, coupled with the rate of our metabolism, will generally determine whether we build fat, maintain our body weight or loose weight.

However, we can help our body become more efficient in processing certain nutrient types and certain food groups.

By adding bee pollen supplement to our food intake, we can create an environment where we become more efficient at processing carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and can avoid under some circumstances the production of excessive body fat.