How to use a Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo steamers are especially useful if you do not have a metal steamer. Bamboo steamers are generally less expensive and they do not take up as much space. Bamboo steamers are also much easier to use. If you do not yet know the pleasure of using a bamboo steamer to create delicious and healthy food, then here are some easy to follow instructions that will help you learn how.

First, you will find that most bamboo steamers come in sets of 3 pieces. That means that there are two steam trays (onto which you will place your food) and a lid. Try to find a set that has a lid with a handle. This feature will make it easier for you to handle the lid when it is hot. Most bamboo steamers are relatively inexpensive. For instance, you can purchase a 3-piece set for approximately $20 online. 

Once you have your bamboo steamer, you can start using it right away. Wash it thoroughly before you use it for the first time. Mild soap and water is enough to clean the steamer. Now, you can decide what kinds of food you want to steam. You can steam most food in this bamboo steamer that could be steamed in a metal steamer. One great way to test your bamboo steamer is to cut some vegetables into 2″ cubes and start steaming them. The smaller the cubes are, the less time they will take to steam. You will also need to find a frying pan that is at least 3″ deep. Add about 1-1/2″ of water to the frying pan, and turn the stove on to medium heat. The water should be simmering, not necessarily boiling. Make sure that the water never runs out. It’s best to have more than enough water in the frying pan. You can use just one tier of the bamboo steamer set, or you can use both – depending on how much food you want to steam. In general, you want to separate different types of food onto different tiers. For instance, fish would go in one tier while vegetables in another.

Do not touch the bamboo steamer with your bare hands. Treat the steamer as you would a metal one; wear oven mitts accordingly. 

Once you start cooking food with a bamboo steamer, you will wonder how you ever got along in the kitchen without one! 

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