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I really love Danone products and one of my favourite yogurts is the Fruit Layer Prune. It comes in a pack of four. The pots contain 125 g yogurt and fruit. They are available for 1.65 pounds in Sainsbury’s. At the moment they are on offer so you can buy two packs for 3 pounds. You can find it in most of the supermarkets for about this price.

The Activia yogurt contains the Bifidus Actiregularis yogurt culture which helps to reduce the digestive discomfort. The prune layer is on the bottom of the pot and there is a non flavoured yogurt layer on the top of it. I tried the yogurt before I mixed them and I found it sour so I mixed it quickly. It became sweet and fruity. The prune layer contains fruit pieces in it and its texture is similar to jams. After mixing the two layers the yogurt became pale purple coloured. It has nice fruity scent and flavour.

For me Danone yogurts are treats. I really love their creamy texture and the sweetness of fruits. They contain added sugar as well but the energy content of them is lower than the energy content of chocolates and cakes. I think they are even healthier.

The ingredients of the yogurt are as follows: Yogurt with Bifidus ActiRegularis® (Whole Milk, Skimmed Milk Concentrate / Powder, Cream, Yogurt Cultures), Prune (9.4%), Sugar (5%), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Stabilisers (Modified Maize Starch, Pectin), Flavouring, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Calcium Phosphate).

The nutritional values per pot are as follows:

Energy: 113 kcal

Protein: 4.1 g

Carbohydrate: 16.3 g

of which sugars: 16.1 g

Fat: 3.5 g

of which saturates: 2.3 g

Fibre: 0.3 g

Sodium: 0.06 g

To sum up Danone Activia Fruit Layer Prune is a layered yogurt which contains a thin layer of prune jam on the bottom of the pot and a thick layer of unflavoured yogurt on the top. After you mix them you will get a yogurt with fruit pieces in it. The colour of the mix becomes pale purple. It has lovely prune scent and taste. Its sweetness is about right. As the Danone Activia yogurts usually contain the special Bifidus Acturegularis bacteria this yogurt contains it too. This helps your digestion. I think this yogurt is even more effective because prune strengthens the yogurt’s effect on our digestion. Prune contains loads of fibre which makes the yogurt even healthier. The creamy texture makes it moreish…

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