Coffee History

Coffee has a long history. The history of coffee started somewhere between the years 575 and 850. It is presumed that the Ethiopian and Kenyan tribes took coffee seeds with them on their journey to Arabia.

According to other historians and their opinion of the coffee-history, the Arabian Soefi’s (A mystic sect), brought the coffee seeds from their invasion into Ethiopia. But the literature has confirmed that the grandmaster of the Soefi, Ali ben Omar al Shadili was responsible for this. The Arabian al Shadili established a monastery in the port town of Mokka (Al Mokha). After this he became familiar with coffee which he took to Arabia. The people discovered that coffee did not only help against tiredness and sleepiness, but that it also tasted very delightful. 

There were lot discussions about the first usage of coffee. The documents of the European explorers and botanists are telling that the Ethiopians were chewing on raw coffee beans in that time. The coffee beans were also crunched. However, instead of mixing it with water, it was mixed with animal fat. After that it was shaped into small balls that were used as an energy source during long travels. It is also known that with the use of the juice from coffee-berries, wine was made. The wine was called “quahwah” and was used later on for the coffee-drink we know nowadays. 

Coffee was initially used only as a part of a religious ceremony or as a medicine. It was prescribed for the weirdest kinds of ailment like gouty diathesis and kidney stones. 

The history of coffee did not come to an end with this. After the drinking of coffee became generally accepted in Arabia, it got spread to other places like Egypt, Syria, Persia and Turkey. At the end of the 16th century, Europe got to know about coffee. The Venetians were the first ones to start with trading the coffee with the Arabians. After this the Dutch also noticed that there was a good business in coffee. A Dutch trader was able to steal a coffee-plant from Mecca and experimented on the East-Indian colonial Java. After this, a lot of coffee plantations were started on Sumatra, Timor, Bali and Celebes. The real European breakthrough happened when a coffee-plant was given by the mayor of Amsterdam to Luis XIV in the year 1715. Because of this, France became the largest consumer of coffee products. While years were passing coffee became familiar to the whole world.

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