Breakfast Pizza

How many times has your teenager turned up their nose at breakfast and wanted pizza instead? Why not give them pizza? I have tried many times and many ways to get my children to eat a healthy breakfast and nothing seems to work; then I tried severing pizza for breakfast.

Breakfast pizza may take a little longer to prepare than normal breakfast, but the reward and the fun is worth it. What I do is take a can of biscuits or if you really want to be creative you can make your own dough from scratch. Roll all the biscuits together, and then roll them out to make a round disk shape. You have your base start.

Then you start making white gravy for the second layer. This takes the longest to make because the gravy has to thicken. In the mean time you can be cooking your bacon. Make the bacon crisp so it can be easily crumbled, or you can use bacon bits – either one is good.

After your gravy is thick and the bacon ready, you can start scrambling your eggs. Be sure to make them light and fluffy. Also have cheese ready, packed shredded is good or you can shred your own. With everything ready it’s now time to assemble your pizza.

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Take the biscuit dough that you rolled out and place it in a lightly well-greased dish or on a cookie sheet. If you use a cookie sheet roll the edge’s up slightly so the gravy will not run out.

After you have placed your dough, take a large spoon and spoon the gravy on the top of the dough. Spread the gravy evenly over the dough. The next step will be your eggs. Crumble them up and scatter them evenly all around the top.

The bacon is next.

Crumble it up or if you are using bacon bits sprinkle them in your hand and scatter them over the eggs. What is a pizza if there is no cheese? Take some shredded cheese any flavor you or our family likes and cover the entire the top of your pizza.

It is now time to cook your pizza.
Place the pizza in a pre-heated oven for the same time that you cook your biscuits, about 10-15 minutes. When the biscuits are golden brown around the edges and the cheese melted, your pizza is ready. I would wait about five to ten minutes before cutting and severing it. The gravy can get boiling hot at this point.
After the cooling down time, cut and enjoy. My son has not missed breakfast since I have started serving pizza at anytime. This is a simple recipe, but it is will worth the effort and time to see them eating and smiling at the breakfast table.
Using this same recipe you can also make little croissants molding the biscuits in a muffin pan. These make wonderful little bit size tidbits for children and are just plain fun.

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