Ban Tipping in Restaurants – Yes

Some issues in life certainly have gray areas when viewing an argument. Sometimes there is no right or wrong. That is not the case however with regard to tipping when dining out in restaurants. It is almost a form of social blackmail that belongs in a bygone era far removed from present day life.

Eating out is expensive enough for most people with a limited income, to expect them to pay extra to just be served is unfair and immoral. There are very few jobs which require tipping, on the basis of the culinary world we should all get a little extra just for getting out of bed and going to work in the morning. Prices on everything would instantly go skywards and the economy into a far greater meltdown than is seen at present. Yet we all give in to our ethics when taking out our nearest and dearest to local eateries. If you do not leave a little something for the staff at said establishments then you are viewed as tight and selfish. Almost like an invisible form of peer pressure that has you leaving some of your hard earned money behind as a thank you for being served in the first place.

We are expected to to subsidize a waiter or waitress’s paycheck because apparently they do not get paid enough by their employer. With minimum wages being set in place in most modern countries this is not as much of an issue as before. Said workers should be looking to their employers for a rise in wages if it does not meet modern outgoings rather than as customers being fleeced for the privilege of eating. Some people argue that you should only tip when you receive good service so as to promote a better standard all around. A rational response is that if you can not serve food and drinks to a reasonable standard then you have no business waiting on people regardless. Imagine working in a department store and expecting a bit extra just for handing someone clothes in bag with a receipt. The shop would have no customers before the week is out. People in many sectors earn more or less than the same as people in the restaurant industry, albeit without that extra 15 % thrown in.

We do not live in the wild west anymore where daylight robbery is accepted. Only when as customers do we vote with our wallets will there be a change for the better when out dining.

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