Apple Orchard

Apple orchards are fun and exciting places for children to visit.  They enjoy having the opportunity to pick apples off of the trees. At the end of the day, they feel like they accomplished something great when they get to bring their apples home with them. 

Preparing children to visit an apple orchard is a great idea so they know where they are going and what they will be doing there, especially if they have never been to an apple orchard before. 

1.  Talk to them and let them ask as many questions as they have. 

2.  Look up information on apples and orchards together on the internet, additionally see if you can find videos of people picking apples and watch the video(s) together.  If you can’t find videos, look for pictures of what happens in an apple orchard. 

3.  Show them the website, brochure, or any other information there might be about the orchard they will be visiting.  Some orchards offer a wide variety of activities for children including wagon or hay rides, games, educational activities, corn mazes, demonstrations, places to sample or purchase desserts and other dishes made with apples, etc.  Kids are likely to get real excited about their upcoming orchard visit if they see all of the fun that is awaiting them. 

4.  Take them to the grocery store to show them all of the different varieties of apples that there are.  Show them and tell them the names of each unless they are able to read the signs themselves, then have them read them. 

5.  Pick out clothes to wear to the orchard, probably long pants such as jeans and a long sleeve shirt, socks, and closed toe shoes.  This way they are likely to not get hurt or scratched.  Being in an outdoor area with trees, injuries can and do happen, however dressing properly for the occasion can really help.  It’s also a good idea to bring a coat or sweatshirt along as well in case it is needed, which can be the case in the fall. 

On the day of the orchard visit, it’s very likely that the child or children will be really excited and ready to pick apples.  Make sure the kids are dressed in orchard-appropriate gear, grab some bottled water and snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, and a small portable first aid kit, and head out the door. 

Apple orchard adventures are great for kids.  They are both educational and fun and can develop into a special family tradition that happens every year.  Children learn where apples come from and take pride in picking their own to eat or use in making tasty apple treats at home. 

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