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In the global world of online research publishing, the ability to write in English at a high level is a major advantage. Non-native English speaking authors' works are often rejected from prestigious journals due to poor English, jeopardizing their chances for career advancement and recognition within their field, thus, Professional Editing Services is just one of the many ways that Erudite Journals Limited assists its clients.

We at Erudite Journals, in an effort to assist authors who have difficulty with written English, have developed an editorial solution, Professional Editing Services. This exceptional service helps authors with the correction and refinement of the use of English in their scholarly, scientific, non scientific, technical, business or medical related manuscripts.


Our services includes; correcting of grammar, deleting of redundancies, fixing problem sentences, sharpen your vocabulary, replace inappropriate words, and getting rid of obvious spelling errors, re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if needed, so as to improve the overall clarity and organization of your manuscript and still maintains its overall tone. Note that formulas are assumed accurate and, therefore, will not be edited.


Fees and Charges: Language editing does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication.

Authors are charged $150 editing fee per manuscript, no matter the number of pages and the turnaround time is within 1week from the time we receive it.


Submit manuscripts as E-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at: englishediting@eruditejournals.org . If you decide to publish the same manuscript with us, a manuscript number will be mailed to the corresponding author same day or within 72 hours.










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