How to Clean a Garlic Press

Garlic press is one kitchen tool that many home owners while cooking their meals. However, after using this tool you have to clean it and this part is not very easy to be done properly and the main reason for this are the tiny holes on the tool.

If you use a garlic press for the first time, because you have never needed it before, then you can be confused about how to clean it. The biggest obstacle that you can face while cleaning a garlic press are the pieces of garlic that usually sticks into the tiny holes that the garlic is forced to get through. So, to learn how to avoid this inconvenient in the future, the experiences will give you their professional advice on how to clean a garlic press.

1. If you do not want to deal with garlic smell around your home, because you left the garlic pieces in your garlic press sit, then you have to learn how to completely get rid of them. And everything you need to do can be described in a few sentences and can be done for not more than 5 minutes.

2. So, begin the cleaning of your garlic press by taking a unfolded paper clop, toothpick or food tie first. Then you have to try to get the toothpick through the holes of your garlic press. When you remove the remaining garlic pieces from the holes our cleaners in London advise to run the press through little bit of warm water. Repeat the procedure until there aren’t any remaining garlic in the holes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry.